joseph_jofus (joseph_jofus) wrote in votefortheworst,

This Is The Most Important Week Yet!

Last week (April 8th), no one got voted-off because the judges used their once-a-year "save".

This means that this week (April 14th-15th), two Idols will be voted-off.

It is important that Our Movement spread the word between now and the night of the 14th to vote for Our Tim early and often.

If he survives this week's double elimination, he'll finish no worst than seventh. And with Our Movement growing by leaps and bounds, Our Tim can finish much higher than that.

So what if Our Tim has been called "The worst Top 24/Top 12 contestant in 'Idol' history"??

He is exactly what Our Movement is all about.

We must propel him to victory.
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