joseph_jofus (joseph_jofus) wrote in votefortheworst,

The Powers That be Have Declared War On Our Movement!

After reading and hearing about all the changes being made to the format of "American Idol 10", I have come up with the reason why The Powers That be are doing what they're doing:

By changing the format, they hope to eliminate untalented singers from even reaching the stage where us, the viewers, can vote for them.

In other words, TPTB have declared War on Our Movement!

In recent years, we have flexed our muscle and as a result, a couple of TPTB's Choices To Win It All didn't win.

I hope that the VFTW High Council can find some way to continue our successful record of getting some of Our Picks further along in the competition that TPTB want, and to have them win!
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