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Time for us to set a few things straight, dawg!

Hello!  It's good to be back for another year of VFTW!  Sorry, openarms, that I'm late coming back to the rodeo.  I've missed all you peeps since last year.  I've been checking in, though - both here and on the VFTW website, and the same issues keep cropping up.

It seems some people seem just don't understand certain basic things about us, and I thought I'd address them here... and open them up for discussion.  I feel this is necessary, since CERTEN TROLLS WHO DON'T NO HOW TO SPEL OR MAKE PUCTUATION'S GOOD feel the need to take time off from their OMG, BFF myspace bulletin posting to shout us down for our deplorable, dream-wrecking, true artist spoiling, America hating, Simon Cowell annoying activities.   

Myth #1 - Worsters (VFTW supporters) hate American Idol
Wrong.  We actually love AI... for the show's POTENTIAL.  It's not living up to its potential though.  "Diana Ross night"?  Really?  "Gwen Stefani Night"?  Please tell me there's some pressing reason to have theme shows like this other than to entertain us with their laughable lameness, or the opportunity for Randy to astutely point out that non-R&B divas can't pick "the right song" on Diana Ross night.  "Sorry, Dawg, not the right song for you" vs. "you need to do something to make the song YOURS" vs. "you just need to leave the song the way it is" - it's prepackaged criticism that allows the judges to choose their pre-ordained final few chosen contestants.  More on that later. 

We also love the show for its HUMOR POTENTIAL, particularly those chuckles afforded by pitting luke-warm, amateur or downright awful singers against those so far out of their league that the judges mention it EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.  Clearly the American Idol producers agree that this makes great entertainment because the judges - not VFTW - set the lineup for the top 24.  But more on that later.

Myth #2 - VFTW is responsible for poor ol' Sundance losing to Sanjaya
Hilariously Wrong.  We at VFTW actually *wanted* Sundance (and Antonella) to make it to the top 12.  They were our picks.  Just scoll a little down the posts here in the LJ community, or go back in the bulletins on VFTW.  And even though we debated switching to Sanjaya, we didn't do so until after Sundance didn't make it.  The true fact is that EVEN WITH US voting for Sundance as much as we possibly could, Sundance didn't have enough support to beat Phil Stacy OR Brandon Rogers OR even Sanjaya.   
Now, we ARE responsible for helping Sanjaya beat Brandon, for which we take full credit/blame, and danced around our living rooms. THAT was the VFTW VICTORY, not Sundance going home.

Myth #3 - VFTW  is "ruining the lives"/"shattering the dreams" of the (oh so) talented contestants by MANIPULATING Am. Idol.
Sorry... but AI beat us to the punch on this one.  American Idol is so heavily manipulated from the get-go that it would be much much more accurate to say that it is AMERICAN IDOL ITSELF that is "ruining the lives" and "shattering the dreams" of talented singers... as in, the actually talented singers that don't make it to see the judges, or don't make it to Hollywood, or once there, are not chosen for the top 24.  Tell me something... if it was so unjust, so endangering to the dreams of the likes of Phil Stacy, Haley Zzzzcarnato, Beat Box Blake for us to vote for Antonella, Sundance, or now Sanjaya...

I'm sorry, but if you review the unbelievably boring "chair episode" - and drink a case of red bull to stay awake through it - you'll notice two very telltale events at the end.  Both Sundance and Antonella are advanced over considerably more talented singers who didn't fit what the producers/judges were "looking for".  I guess this means the judges were looking for "easy cannon fodder" and "hot-looking easy cannon fodder", in this case.    Just like when they "picked Pickler" and Chicken Little last year, and the red-headed crooner, or Scott Savol, etc. etc.  Hilarious? Yes.  Do I love it? Yes. Did I vote for them? HELL YES!  
But was it the fault of VFTW that these contestants could even *be* voted for?  We hear constantly that Sanjaya, Sundance, Antonella, Chicken Little, etc. were "not talented enough" and "didn't deserve" to be kept on over other contestants.  So, I ask again: what are they doing in the voting rounds?   

If they (AI producers/judges) are going to open that door, then they have to live with the consequences.  Simon reminds us week after week that it's a singing competition.  If this were actually true,  we'd have 24 actually talented singers in the top 24, instead of a few contestants they feel are worth pimping, a couple they think will add drama, and a whole slew of second and third tier shills who are not (supposed to be) a threat to their faves.

Don't believe it?  Think about season three (I think) where Lisa Leuschner was up for a chance to compete for an additional slot in the top contestants.  Randy Jackson actually formed a complete sentence without "yo" "dawg" or "good lookin' out" to say to her: "Well, you may be the most talented singer we have this year, but no, you won't be performing".  Instead, Jon Peter Lewis got the chance and went on into the finals where he looked like a runaway from an emo band having a seizure while perfoming Elvis, bringing in more tweeny OMGZCUTEE ratings, and posing no threat to Fantasia or the other "serious contenders".  There are so many examples of this, it's not funny: Jasmine Trias, Ace Young, spring instantly to mind, but every year it's the same thing.
AMERICAN IDOL DELIBERATELY PUTS LESS TALENTED CONTESTANTS THROUGH TO MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME.   Our manipulation pales in comparison, and any displeasure they feel at our voting tactics is due to their policies.

Non-Myth #4: We're trying to annoy the judges and shock America.
This is true, and we're proud of it.  Who doesn't want to tool with judges who say to the pimped "dawg you can blow" when LaKisha sings Whitney Houston, and "people shouldn't sing Whitney/Stevie/Chaka" to the unpimped.  If you don't want contestants singing those songs/artists, then MAYBE they um, shouldn't be on the approved list.  And as above, we're all painfully familiar with the "dude you have to do something original" followed by "you shouldn't have messed with a classic" bait-and-switch routine.  It's just like the "you should be more modern"/"I'm not familiar with that unknown modern song" like recently with Blake doing a 311 song, neither unknown (album was triple platinum) nor modern (it's from the mid-90s) or last years Daughtry "you need to do it with your own style"/"you need to do things in different styles" dichotomy.  Or with very good perfomances from the 2nd and third tier artists getting the "it's ok, but not memorable" or "it's like a lounge singer/karaoke/high school musical" comment when a comparable or even less proficient song by a pimpee is praised to the nines. It's annoying, obvious, simplistic, and worth lampooning.

Just like AI.  And that's why we're here.

You're welcome.
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