joseph_jofus (joseph_jofus) wrote in votefortheworst,

We Need Picks!

This year's Semifinal round (or "Top 24") is only one week long.

TPTB undoubtely cut it in the hope that bad singers would quickly get elimianted, and stymie Our Movement.

It's more important than ever for the VFTW High Council to make a good pick who we can all stand behind, vote until our dialing fingers hurt, and send them all the way to Victory!

I suspect that the High Council will pick one guy and one girl this week (March 1st-3rd).

Hopefully, they will display the kind of sucktacular performances that many of our previous picks have, and go on to face each other in the final sing-off come May.

That will show Nigel "Charles VanDoren" Lythgoe that his attempts to stop Our Movement will have failed.
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