joseph_jofus (joseph_jofus) wrote in votefortheworst,

What A Season!

Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I have to hand it to the VFTW High Council for picking Our Phillip as Our Movement's choice.

He survived week-after-week (In fact, I think he lasted longer than any other VFTW pick in "American Idol" history), and wound up winning it all!

His victory (and the huge sales of his downloads thus far) indicates just how big Our Movement has become.

The Powers That Be are threatening to once more "tweak" the "Idol" format, probably to try to eliminate Our Movement's influence, so Their Pre-Ordained Choices win, not Our Picks.

But TPTB have lost control over "Idol". They need to accept the fact that Our Movement now calls the shots.

When the VFTW High Council endorses someone, millions vote for him or her. And they vote early, vote often, and with passion.

Once more, Congratulations to the VFTW High Council for such an inspired pick!
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