joseph_jofus (joseph_jofus) wrote in votefortheworst,

I Am Proud Of What Our Movement Did!

While I'm disappointed that Our Movement is coming to an end (because there are other reality competition shows where winners are determined by viewer votes that we need to mess-up), I am proud of what we have been able to do.

First on "American Idol", then on "Dancing With The Stars", "The Voice", and "America's Got Talent", we have delivered millions upon millions of votes for whom we believe should really win.

And especially with "Idol", we have been able to get Our Picks to advance or win.

If it weren't for Our Movement, The Powers That Be would have foisted upon America and the world "singers" who they believed would have been music superstars.

As one example, if it weren't for Our Movement, Carrie Underwood wouldn't be the top female star in country music today. She might still have been a bartender somewhere.

To the many millions who supported Our Movement, and to the VFTW High Council, I saw Thank You for a job well done!

And to say that I'm going to miss VFTW is a vast under-statement.
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