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Vote For The Worst

Supporting the Bad, The Ugly and The Worst of American Idol

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1. You are welcome to post in this community. Just make sure it's about an Idol show and relate it to VFTW, if possible!
2. No degradatory/racist comments. We are sarcastic but we don't tolerate crap like that.
3. Please post spoilers concerning result shows under LJ cuts during airing. If you don't know how to do a LJ cut, check the fricking F.A.Q idiot!
4. Hate mail is welcomed! The more, the merrier!

Former VFTW Candidates/Hall of Fame

Other Information

There wasn't a VFTW community on LiveJournal so I started one to support the VFTW campaign when Dave gave me the go-ahead. The concept was started by Dave Della Terza and not myself. If you want to find out more about this campaign, please visit his website Vote For The Worst! Also, the layout template is credited to premade_ljs! The banners of Sanjaya and Taylor are also credited to the VFTW site!